Establish rapport with Poles and you receive business in return

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When it comes to sellers’ job everyone knows what it is about. You take a phone then you make a cold call to a potential customer. After that you probably go for a meeting and conduct it in a right order according to some method or standard. Finally, you are trying to close a deal in a follow-up process after a few attempts. Easy, isn’t it?

Statistics (if of course you collect data in a specific order, properly and regularly) A.K.A. The Sells Pipe says to you that you need to make 1 000 calls then you get around 10 potential quite good meetings and in the final, you may receive 2 signed contracts in a short run. Seems obvious.

But let’s hold for a while and rethink two simple questions (and take them into consideration).
First question is – Do we accept those numbers (presented above), and do we treat them as a good result of our performance?
Second question is – What can we do to improve our effectiveness and sign more contracts in the same amount of calls or meetings?

This is where the rapport and trust area really make a difference here in the heart of Europe. 

For a last few months I have been doing a training and business research to get an answer for the question – Why some effective selling methods used in other countries (even in EU and I am not taking about Americans or Asians) work for them and when it comes to using them in Poland we have extremely poor results?

The answer for this question is that in the very begging of a sales process (in the first contact initiation) with polish buyer the most crucial role in the whole chain of sales activities is to build trust and establish rapport. From begging to the end and even further.

In some point of my life I had been working with a very wise chairman who said to me once “Dave, if you want to make business you need to conduct a meeting in a way – 90% talk about life and 10% you talk about business”. In a “life talk” we meant then an extremely good small talk conversation about everything – vacations, weather, local events, family, kids. But it didn’t mean to be a small talk professional, but to use it to prove that you are a kind of person same as everyone else.

Since then this idea has been growing inside of my unconscious mind like a cancer and up to date it has become a part of me, as a part of my personality in field of business contacts or relationships.

And guess what? It helped me to be quite good as a seller as well. Especially when I am at a high level of motivation towards sells activities. Since then and today I always focus firstly on making and establishing trust and good rapport with a potential prospect – ALWAYS.

For a last few years I have been professionally training sales staff, but year 2018 in a training field had led me to one extremely important conclusion which I want to share with you now. Firstly, train your mind and gain a right tools in area of communication which support establishing a good rapport and creating a trust environment if you want to do a good business.

What are the benefits of this approach:

#When a good rapport is built you can get more valuable information
#It supports the negotiation process after the sales part is done
#It helps to sustain a good relationship for a long-run deals (what actually is very common)
#Makes a perfect ground for every other meeting and contact

So long story short – if you want to make a deal with Poles invest your energy and focus to talk with us, try to find some similar areas for the conversation about life, business or even sports. This will help you make a better ground if you want to exchange your service or products. 

Autor: Dawid Wardin

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